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Here at The Learning Place of 
Sunset Hosta Farm, we love everything gardening; from growing and preserving food, growing beautiful perennials and annuals and, of course, our hostas. There is always something new to learn or some new way to do something old. 

Here's a list of our great
Homesteading articles. If there's a gardening subject you'd like us to cover in a future gardening blog, let us know! Comments are always welcome!

Updated 12-1-2020

Homestead Holidays; Making Kids Happy
Best Gifts for Homesteaders - Top Ten Books
Best Homesteading Books for Beginners
Best Christmas Books for Food Preservers
Must-Have Supplies for Self Reliance
Homestead Giving You Static Clutter?
How to Attract Birds to your Garden
Mother's Day Gardening Gifts
Great Gifts for Older Gardeners
Great Christmas Gifts Olden Gardeners
Choosing the Best Bird Bath
Winter Sowing 101
Using Epsom Salt in an Organic Garden
Christmas Gardening Gifts for Kids
Growing and Using Comfrey
Great Gifts for Bird lovers
Choosing the Right Bird Feeder
Why You Need a Rain Barrel Now
Using Epsom Salt and Roses and Bloomers
Winter Sowing Your Vegetable Seeds
Making and Using Leaf Mold in Your Garden
Free Soil Amendments for your Garden
Cleaning Birdhouses, Feeders and Baths
How to Harden Off Your Seedlings
All About Transplant Shock in Plants
Hypertufa - Using Wicker Baskets
Hypertufa - Why Hypertufa Projects Crack
Hypertufa - 101  The Basics
Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines - Propagating
Winter Sowing - Seedlings are up.  What Now?
Cleaning Terracotta Pots
Using Baking Soda in the Garden
How to Compost
Make your own Potting Soil and Save Money
Best Sunflowers to Grow for your Birds
Can I feed Bread to Wild Birds?
Battling Slugs in the Garden
Refreshing Last Year's Potting Soil
The Beauty of Troughs in the Garden
All About Organic Mulch
Growing Milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies
You Know You're a Serious Gardener When ...

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