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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


You have reached the blog of SunsetHostaFarm.com.  We're glad you stopped by!

Here you'll find a variety of articles about one of the most popular perennial plants, hostas!  

Some of the many articles about hostas here include information about:

  •  how to care for hostas
  •  how and when to divide them
  •  which ones are best for rock gardens, fairy gardens, and containers
  • the sun's effect on hosta leaf color
  • the best soil for growing hostas
  • why your blue hosta's leaves turn green
  • how to best fertilize hostas to bring out their health and beauty
  • seasonal calendar of hosta care
  • our Ultimate Guide to Growing Hostas
  • ... and many more

So come on in, sit a spell, and peruse lots of great hosta information.  


Variegated Hosta Closeup

Friday, January 29, 2021

Unique and Fun Hosta-Related Gift Ideas


Unique and Fun Hosta-Related Gift Ideas

Welcome to part two of our hosta gift ideas blog! 

If you missed Part 1 which includes important and very practical tools and supplies for your hosta garden, you can read it here:  Great Hosta Gifts

Now onto our top picks for unique hosta-related gifts.

Synthetic hosta plant in black pot
Indoor Hosta Plant
Click to View

Since hostas won't grow inside your house (without much work anyway,) if you want to bring a love of hostas indoors,  how about a 14" artificial hosta table top silk plant?

Hosta Serving Plates
Hosta Canape Plates
click to View

Set of four Hosta-themed Canape Plates for the kitchen.  Quite beautiful dishes!

Hosta Themed Spoon Set Click to View

Also for the kitchen, these unique hosta themed spoon sets.  Antique Pewter in color.  Measures 5 12" long.  Hand painted and hand crafted in the U.S.A.

Hosta Leaf Mold
Hosta Leaf Mold
Click to View

If you're the artsy type, a hosta leaf stepping stone mold is available for you to use to create your own species of hosta!  What a great way to accent and personalize your hosta garden.

Hosta Pop Socket for Phones
Click to View

Pretty cool phone accessory.  Great small gift for you or a hosta lover you know.

Cascading Hosta Fountain
Click to View

And if your love of hostas matches what's in your pocket book, this fountain is gorgeous!  No plumbing is necessary for installing.  The pump is included and the fountain is self circulating.

Hosta Pewter Leaf  Click to view

Another beautiful hosta hand crafted creation.  Cast Pewter, food safe.  Measures 7" in diameter.

Hosta Leaves in Glass Vase

Hosta Leaves in Glass Vase

Enjoy hostas all year long indoors.  This decorative plant is a great table topper for hosta lovers.  Wrinkle and water resistant.  Very realistic.

Hosta La Vista Mug

Fun and simple mugs for hosta lovers.  These can be enjoyed every morning before working out in the garden.

Hosta Fabric

How about hosta window treatments?  This fabric is perfect for window accents, draperies, valances, curtains, swags, accent pillows or any upholstery project you can think of.  You could also create handbags, totes or aprons!

Hosta Themed Pillow Click to View

Along the same lines, a hosta-themed pillow.  Made of durable satin material with fold over closure.  It's machine washable in cold water.

Hosta Slip Mat  Click to View

Here's something you don't find every day.  A hosta themed shower slip mat that's machine washable.  It's 15x27 inches which would cover most tub lengths.

This shower mat has hundreds of suction cups that hold in place on smooth clean surfaces like tubs.

Hosta Designed Face Mask Click to View

And who knew they made these hosta-designed face masks?  100% polyester fiber, soft, breathable, water-repellant, comfortable.

Adjustable elastic ear loops, reusable and washable.


I hope you found a gift idea for yourself or the hosta lover in your life.


For further hosta-related gift ideas, check out these blogs:

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Great Gifts for Hosta Lovers

Great Practical Gifts for Hosta Lovers!

Besides the Plants!

Whether you're buying for yourself or that hosta lover you know, it's not easy to find great gifts aside from hosta plants (which are ALWAYS a good gift choice)?

Here are some great gift ideas that any hosta lover would love.  The end of the blog has a link to our list of
unique hosta gifts sure to please any hostaholic or hosta lover!

Our Top Tool Picks

The right tool for the job!  Every hosta enthusiast has at one time or another endeavored to divide a very large rooted hosta.  It takes a lot of strength and elbow grease!  

Here at Sunset Hosta Farm, we find these tools invaluable and always have them on hand.

Hori Hori Knife for Dividing Hostas
Hori-Hori Knife
Click to View

A hori-hori knife 

Hori-Hori roughly translates into "dig-dig", and this tool is one we use constantly here at Sunset Hosta Farm.  It is a multi-purpose tool that's built for versatility.  In addition to its sharp double edges, which is great for dividing hosta roots, it was handy inch markers.

It's one of the most popular garden knives and rated #1 in many garden publications.

Razor Tooth Folding Saw
Click to View

Razor Tooth Folding Hand Saw

Another tool I can't do without at the hosta farm is a razor tooth folding saw.  I use the one pictured above because I especially like the fact that the curved blade easily folds up covering the blade into a folded position for safety.  

This saw is well built and has lasted for years.  It is designed to cut small to medium-sized branches which is perfect for all size hosta roots.

Japanese Weeding Sickle
Japanese Weeding Sickle
Click to View

Japanese Weeding Sickle

Great for uprooting weeds and manipulation of the soil.  The tip of the outer edge of the hook is used by a pushing action.  

They are also available in shorter handles, but I prefer the long handled kind to reduce the amount of bending and stooping I need to do..

Weed Slayer Trowel
Root Slayer Trowel
Click to View

Hand Tool - Jagged-EdgeTrowel 

Another favorite of mine.  This is literally a trowel with jagged cutting edges.  One of the best hand tools I can recommend.

I always look for tools that have some type of holder.  I tend to be a bit sloppy with where I place my tools and I have lost several due to leaving them out in bad weather.  Having a tool with some type of holder for safe storage is what I always look for.

This one is a heavy duty double edge trowel that will last a long time if it is kept clean.

Garden Markers with Copper Labels
Click to View

Garden Markers

These are the longest lasting garden markers I have found.  I prefer the longer stakes.  They're rainproof, weatherproof and they look great for showing off the hosta names and personalizing your hosta garden.

There's an option to add the markers in with your order.

Hosta leaf with water drops

Watering Ideas

Hostas need  a lot of water.  A consistent amount of water each  week is one of the best things you can do to keep your hostas happy and healthy.  

It comes as a surprise to some that watering hostas through the Fall season is very important.  As long as the hosta leaves are green, when there's a lack of rainfall, the hosta plant will need to be watered at the base, even in the Fall.

Why?  This is because when a hosta emerges in the Spring, it is emerging on the energy and food reserves that the plant stored in its rhizome late the previous Summer and Fall. If the hosta received sufficient water in late Summer and Fall, it should emerge the next spring as a larger plant because it was able to store away more energy than it used. 

Drip Irrigation Hose
Click to View

Drip Irrigation Hose

Drip hoses are a great time saver.  Turn it on and set a timer, move it and repeat.  Water your hosta garden while you work on other things that are more fun than watering.

They come in as many types and lengths as you can think of so you should be able to find one that fits your garden.

Hose Splitter
Hose Splitter
Click to View

Hose Splitters

Again, available in many sizes and splitting capabilities, some even come with timers.  No tools needed.  Just screw on your hoses.  This splitter can rotate 360 degrees allowing you to pull the hoses in all directions.

Collapsible Rain Barrel
Collapsible Rain Barrel
Click to View

Rain Barrels

To conserve water at our hosta farm, we employ several rain barrels for water collection.  In a home garden, one or more of these 50-gallon rain barrels will probably suffice.

This one is collapsible for winter storage, but there are plenty of rain barrel types that are made of polyethylene and heavy-duty plastic.


Need more ideas?  Check out the link below for unique and fun hosta-related gift ideas.


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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Spring Care for Hostas!

Hosta Pips Emerging in Early Spring

Spring Care for Hosta Plants

After a long, dreary winter, Springtime in the hosta garden seems like a magical time.  The hostas are sprouting their gorgeous green tips signaling the beginning of another great gardening season!

Keep your hostas looking happy and healthy with these seasonal reminders and care tips for Spring!

Top Ten Hosta Questions


White Margined Hosta Plants alongside statue

Top Ten Hosta Questions Answered
Some Answers May Surprise You!

Hostas are one of the most popular perennials of all time.  Here at Sunset Hosta Farm.com, we get a lot of questions about hostas.  Following is a list of the ten top questions we are asked about hostas and their care.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Advantages of Growing Hostas in Pots

Blue Mouse Ears hosta in Hypertufa Pot
Blue Mouse Ears Hosta in Hypertufa Pot

Advantages of
Growing Hostas in Pots

Potted hostas are not only a great way to show off those gorgeous hosta leaves, but there are many other advantages to growing hosta plants in pots and containers.   I bet there are a few advantages listed here that you haven't thought of. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Winter Care for your Potted Hostas


Wintery ice with light blue background

Winter Care for your Potted Hostas!

A frequent question we get is, will hostas survive over the winter in pots, or, how can I winterize my potted hostas?   Although hostas are very forgiving plants, hostas in pots do need some care 
over the winter. 

Hostas need a six-week period of temperatures below 40 degrees for their winter sleep. But since during this time the potted hostas can be exposed to several freezes and thaws, they need extra care to prevent damage to their roots.

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