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Writing about the things I love. My writing work has appeared in hard copy magazines including Green Prints, Twins Magazine, Practical Parenting Magazine, Good Old Days Magazine, The Journal of Court Reporting, and more as well as hundreds of articles in Sunset Hosta Farm's blog and The Homesteading Village blog.

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15 Common Questions Answered About Canning

Pressure Canning Check List of Items Needed  Printable

List of Items Not Safe to Can

The Role of Vinegar in Canning

The Importance of Headspace in Canning

Signs of Spoilage in Home Canned Foods

Prep for Making Fruit Jellies and Five Steps to Waterbathing

Why Canning Jars Break

Reasons for Loss of Liquid in Canning - Siphoning

Canning Jar Sizes and Their Uses

Reasons Canning Jars and Contents Darken

Growing Plants



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Mustard Greens

Onions from Seed



Potatoes - Determinant or Indeterminant?

Pumpkins for Fall Decor






Sweet Potato Vines

Swiss Chard

Tomatoes Indeterminant vs. Determinant


Vegetable Gardening Growing

10 Steps to Vegetable Garden Success

15 Reasons for Vegetable Garden Failures

5 Areas Not to Cut Corners in the Vegetable Garden

Best Annuals to Grow in your Vegetable Garden

Beneficial Insects for the Vegetable Garden

Epsom Salt and your Vegetable Garden

General Gardening

15 Early Spring Garden Chores

Using Baking Soda in the Garden

Composting 101

Epsom Salt for your Roses

Epsom Salt in an Organic Garden

How to Harden Off Seedlings

Why You Need a Hori Hori Knife

Making Leaf Mold

Growing Milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies

Hypertufa 101

Hypertufa - Making Planters out of Wicker Baskets

Hypertufa - Why it Cracks

Potting Soil - Making Your Own

Refreshing Last Year's Potting Soil

Why You Need a Rain Barrel

Grow Light Set Up (That won't break the bank)

Multi-Sowing Seeds

Making Seed Tapes

Free Soil Amendments

Cleaning TerraCotta

All About Transplant Shock

Uses for Tulle Fabric 

Winter Sowing 101

Winter Sowing Vegetables

Winter Sowing.  What to do after Sprouting


Why Birds Aren't Visiting Your Birdbath

Choosing the Right Birdbath

Choosing the Right Bird Feeder

How to Clean Bird Houses, Baths and Feeders

Is Bread Safe to Feed Wild Birds?

Meet Our Homestead Rescue Dogs

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