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Hori Hori Knife - Why You Need One!


Hori Hori Knives and Why Every Gardener Needs One

While the Hori Hori knife has been around for quite a while, with its beginnings from Japan,  it has recently just caught the attention of many gardeners because of the knife's strong build and versatility of garden uses. 

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The Hori Hori knife has different features on each side.  On one side, the 7-inch blade of the knife has a smooth, razor-sharp edge. The other side of the knife has a heavily-serrated edge that looks like a saw blade.  The tip of the knife comes to a semi-sharp point at the end.

Most are made of 440 Stainless steel, is rust-proof, break resistant and very durable.  Some come with a leather sheath for storing, which I would recommend as this knife is invaluable in my garden.

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Here are several ways that a Hori Hori Knife is Useful in the Garden.

Removing Stubborn Weeds

The smooth, razor-sharp straight knife blade side is ideal for removing long-rooted weeds since the tip and knife glide easily through soil. The Hori Hori knife is also referred to as a "soil knife" for that reason.

The easiest way to use this knife for weeding is to slide the blade down next to the center of the weed, move the handle away to the side of the weed then pull firmly on the weed. The blade  helps to loosen the soil around the root so the weed can come right out, root and all.

Removing Stumps

Small stumps of old bushes and trees can be removed with this knife, too.   Since it’s also a knife as well as a saw, it can cut through the roots easier than a trowel and it’s a much better tool for prying.

Dividing Thick-Rooted Perennials

The heavily-serrated side of the knife can be used as a saw when dividing plants with solid roots such as hostas or other mature perennials.

Great for Planting Seeds and Seedlings

Use the tip of the knife for digging rows in the soil for sowing seeds or planting seedlings. 

Dig Planting Holes at the Right Depth

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There are Hori Hori knives like the one above that have a depth scale marked on one side so you know exactly how deep you're digging.

I also use this knife to enlarge a hole already dug for a plant when I find that that hole needs just a tad more width.  Just slice the soil around the sides.

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Harvesting Food Crops

Use the  sharp knife end to cut off 
 herbs, vegetables or fruits, or anything you would use scissors for like cutting ties or twine.

Harvest root vegetables inthe same way you use it for deep-rooted weeks.

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Remove Sod and Grass Easily

The blade of the knife can easily slide through the soil so it can be used to cut through and remove sod and grass.


I'm sure you could find several other uses for this sturdy, versatile knife.  And you can stop carrying around so many heavy tools that the Hori Hori Knife can replace!


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