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Saturday, May 30, 2020


You have reached Blog.SunsetHostaFarm.com. We're glad you stopped by!

Here you'll find a variety of articles about all facets of gardening.  And if you love hostas, our blog also has  articles relating to everything hostas!

Our hosta farm is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We sell the hostas that we love, ones that you just can't find in the big garden centers. Our farm is not open to the public because that's our home and where our senior rescue dogs live.

Please join our hosta Facebook group for articles, questions, answers and just plain fun with fellow hosta lovers!  Click here.

So come on in, sit a spell and peruse lots of great gardening information. And if you love hostas like we do, visit us at SunsetHostaFarm.com to see some beautiful hostas at affordable prices.

And don't forget to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and our Facebook Page.


Rain Forest Sunrise Hosta
Hostas -- It's All About the Leaves!!


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