Saturday, August 22, 2020

You Know You're a Serious Gardener When ...

You know you're a serious gardener when...

  1. You have ten left-handed garden gloves and only two right-handed gloves.  (Or vice versa)
  2. You're itching to deadhead your friends' plants.
  3. You requested a load of manure for your birthday.
  4. You buy your vehicle based on how much soil it can haul.
  5. You think manicures are a waste of time and money.
  6. You think Spring is better than Christmas.
  7.  It’s 8:30 and you haven’t started dinner yet.
  8.     You pull your weeds in the rain because it's easier.
  9. Your hands frequently feel like sandpaper.
  10. You often find twigs in your hair.

  1. Fresh soil is one of your favorite smells.
  2.  You're on a first-name basis with the sales clerk at your local nursery.
  3. You automatically brake for garden centers and plant nurseries.  
  4. You’re gardening before all the snow has even melted in your yard.
  5. You frequent the back break hotel.
  6. You worry about your young plants on cold nights.
  7. You do your spring cleaning in February.
  8. You plan your family’s vacation schedule around your gardening plans.
  9. You’d rather plant than party.
  10. You have more gardening clothes than going out clothes.

  1. You have to literally force yourself to take breaks.
  2. Your housework only gets done on rainy days.
  3. You get mad when you see struggling plants at the garden store.
  4. You check the hour by hour forecast every morning.
  5. You use your wheelbarrow to bring in groceries from the car.
  6. You have more pictures of your plants than your kids.
  7. You spend more money on your gardening shoes than your regular shoes.
  8. Date night always includes a quick trip to the garden center.
  9. You notice every wrong thing your neighbors are doing in their yard.
  10. You're usually happy when it rains.

  1. You rubberneck as you’re driving by a house to see what they’re planting.
  2. You have calluses on your calluses come summer.
  3. You wash your hair to get the dirt out from under your fingernails.
  4. You never roll up the garden hose because you use it so often.
  5. You can’t sleep because you saw a few aphids that day.
  6. You worry about your plants when you’re sick.
  7. You call home from your vacation spot to make sure the plants are being taken care of.
  8. You collect seeds like it’s your full-time job.
  9. You start drinking coffee just to have the coffee grounds to add to your garden.
  10. You lecture your partner and kids about throwing away perfectly good composting material.

Did you make it to the end?  I'm sure you can come up with more!  Add your answers to the article comment section!

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