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Hosta Articles for Hosta Lovers!

Here at Sunset Hosta Farm, we only grow and sell hostas, no other perennials.  Why?  Because we are true hostaholics!  Hostas remain one of the most popular perennial plants for shady and partly sunny gardens.  We grow the hosta varieties that we love, and we think you'll love them, too!

We write several articles about our love of hostas.  If there's a gardening subject you'd like us to cover kind in a future gardening blog, let us know!  Comments are always welcome!

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Updated 8-2020

Hostas 101.  New to hostas?  Start Here!

Hostas - Perfect Plant for Hypertufa Planters

The versatility of Hostas in the Garden

Why hostas drop their leaves early in the season

When and How to Divide Hostas

Is your Garden throwing shade?  Hostas are the Answer!

Bare Root Explained

When is it time to divide my hostas?

Hosta Calendar of Care

Spring Care for Hostas

Summer Care for Hostas

Fall Care for Hostas

Winter Care for Hostas

All About Sun Tolerant Hostas

All About Fragrant Hostas

The Beauty of Miniature Hostas
The Sun's Effect on Hosta Leaf Color

Using Epsom Salt for Healthier Hosta Leaves

Winter Care for your Potted Hostas

Why Is My Hosta Growing Slowly?

The Hosta Tiara Series

Hostas in the Fairy Garden

Hosta of the Year

All About those Beautiful Blue Hostas

How to Fix Hosta Center Die-Out

Slugs and Hostas

Hostas for Zone 9

Misconceptions about Hostas

Growing Hostas from Seed

Care of Hostas in Pots

Fast Growing Hostas

Why is my Hosta Growing Slowly - or Not Growing?

The Sun's Effect on Blue Leafed Hostas

Best Soil for Hostas

Hostas in the Rock Garden

Best Hostas for Beginners

Pruning Hosta Leaves

About Hosta Flowers

Are Hostas Drought Tolerant?

Hostas that Give you Early Spring Color

Hostas that Make Great Ground Cover

Top Ten Hostas to Brighten Up Your Garden

The Beauty of Variegated Hostas

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