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Great Gifts for Bird Lovers!

Great Gifts for Bird Lovers!

Whether it's a birthday gift, Mother's Day, Christmas, or just a thank you for that bird lover you know, here are some great gift ideas!

Even if your bird lover already has a bird feeder, another one is a great idea.  If you love birds, you can't have too many.  

Most popular seems to be the tube bird feeders.
I like this one because it has the metal seed guard which deters the larger birds, like grackles, pigeons and cowbirds, from entering. It attracts finches, chickadees, nuthatches and more.  It's also squirrel proof.

A more unusual one is this oriole feeder.  The design gives you a clear view of the orioles as they feed.  Just add orange halves, grape jelly or nectar!

I have a lot of bird feeders, and one of my all-time favorites is the suet feeders.  This one has a nice wire cage around it to block out large birds and squirrels.    I love these because the suets themselves are really inexpensive to replace and it takes the birds quite a bit of time to eat the whole thing.

Be sure to get the "no melt" suets, though, or you'll have a big mess underneath.


Birdhouses are always a hit, and again, a real bird lover has more than one.

You may want to steer clear of the birdhouses that look pretty but aren't really practical for attracting real birds.  

As a bird lover myself, I would rather receive a birdhouse designed for a special type of bird than a house that welcomes all birds.  It's just more fun to await a specific bird arriving to your house!

A good example is this cedar bluebird house.  It's sturdy and well-built, has clean-out doors to provide easy access for cleaning and has a predator guard near the entrance hole to protect young birds against predators.

Another example is this cedar birdhouse specifically made for chickadees and wrens.  Again, well built with rust-free stainless steel hardware, clean-out doors for access and has a hanging cable.  I also have this one and I love it!  It took no time at all for a family of wrens to find it.

Other Great Ideas

You can't go wrong with a great book or bird guide.

This book not only has great colorful illustrations but has a digital audio player that provides the sound of the corresponding bird.  How cool is that?

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And for up-close viewing, a good pair of binoculars would be a welcomed gift.

These flashcards can help identify birds.  The information is organized by bird size, shape, color, pattern, behavior and habitat.

And for the young bird lover,  this coloring book for kids which helps them learn about different bird species.

Secret Santa Ideas

Here are some less expensive ideas that are great for Secret Santa, White Elephant or gift trading games.

Bird Jewelry

How about a water sprayer that fits inside a birdbath to keep the water moving and clean.  This one comes with four nozzles so you can choose different water fountain patterns.


I hope you found some good ideas for gifts for your bird lover friend or family.  And if you don't already have a bird paradise in your yard, I can tell you it will give you many hours of peace and enjoyment to begin one!

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