Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Bare Root Explained

Here at Sunset Hosta Farm.com, we ship all our hostas bare root.  Nearly all companies that ship perennials do the same thing.  Why?  Simply, postage costs.  It saves money in shipping and keeps our prices low.

Shipping bare root doesn't hurt the plants in any way.  

Minuteman Hosta

Here's how they're prepared for shipment. 

The hostas we send have a healthy root system.  First, all or most of the soil is washed away from the roots and the leaves are sprayed clean.

Next, the roots are wrapped in a damp paper towel so they won't dry out in shipping.

The plant is then wrapped in a bread bag type sleeve and tagged with the name of the hosta.

For the large and extra-large hostas, the leaves may be cut back for shipment.  Depending on the time of year the plants are ordered, large-leafed hostas could already have grown up to two feet tall.  The top growth will grow back quickly because it will have a good size root system.  

The order will then be shipped for two-day delivery.  Planting instructions and hosta information are included in the package.

We hope you visit us soon.  We grow and sell the hostas we love and we think you'll love them too!

Susan Minshall
Sunset Hosta Farm.com

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