Friday, August 30, 2019

Hostas for Zone 9


Best Hostas for Zone 9

Since most hostas require a minimum dormancy period of 30 days at temperatures below 43 degrees Fahrenheit, hostas grown in the low-chill winter zone of Zone 9 will emerge, but may become weak and may continue to deteriorate during the subsequent season.

For hosta lovers located in the warmer zone of Zones 9, finding a hosta that will perform well in your area can be a bit more difficult.

It is important to remember that sun-tolerant does not mean they are drought-tolerant. Hostas need consistent moisture to thrive. Sunlight is rarely an issue, but intense heat and dry conditions are. 

But that’s where Hosta plantaginea comes in!


The Shining in bloom

Hosta plantaginea is the southernmost naturally occurring hosta species, and therefore, more heat-loving.

In addition, their flowering habit puts them in a class all by themselves. This type of hosta actually needs exposure to the sun to develop their beautiful large fragrant flowers. The blooms are pure white as compared to the lavender blooms of their shade-loving cousins. And since they bloom later in the day, about 4 pm in the afternoon as opposed to the usual morning blooms of other hostas, they gained the nickname of ‘August Lily.’

And if their great fragrant blooms aren’t enough, Hosta plantaginea has the ability to throw up a second flush of new foliage during the summer months. This is an important feature for southern gardeners where the hosta leaves may succumb to damage or disease during the hot weather.


Here at Sunset Hosta, we grow and sell these hostas that are well suited to grow in the Zone 9 region.




The Shining


So Sweet




In  the heat of Zone 9, with a little extra care, hostas will stay healthy and beautiful.


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