Monday, August 26, 2019

Hostas - Great Ground Cover Plants!

If you're looking for great, easy care ground cover plants to add to your  shady or part sunny perennial garden, there are varieties of hosta that fit the bill!

These attributes make for great ground cover plants.

  •  Less than 8" in height.
  •  Low-maintenance.
  •  Fast growing.
  •  Blankets the bare ground with minimal fuss.
  •  Smothers out the weeds beneath.
  •  Keeps a tidy appearance through the season. 

Here at Sunset Hosta we grow and sell a number of hostas that make great ground covers.

These hosta cultivars are listed in The Hosta Registry as great ground covers.


Golden Tiara

Grand Tiara

Hush Puppie

Tick Tock

Amber Tiara

Blue Cadet

Platinum Tiara


Emerald Tiara

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