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Friday, December 4, 2020

Advantages of Growing Hostas in Pots

Blue Mouse Ears hosta in Hypertufa Pot
Blue Mouse Ears Hosta in Hypertufa Pot

Advantages of
Growing Hostas in Pots

Potted hostas are not only a great way to show off those gorgeous hosta leaves, but there are many other advantages to growing hosta plants in pots and containers.   I bet there are a few advantages listed here that you haven't thought of. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Winter Care for your Potted Hostas


Wintery ice with light blue background

Winter Care for your Potted Hostas!

A frequent question we get is, will hostas survive over the winter in pots, or, how can I winterize my potted hostas?   Although hostas are very forgiving plants, hostas in pots do need some care 
over the winter. 

Hostas need a six-week period of temperatures below 40 degrees for their winter sleep. But since during this time the potted hostas can be exposed to several freezes and thaws, they need extra care to prevent damage to their roots.

Winter Care of Hostas

Winter Scene with Iciciles

Winter Care for Hosta Plants

Hostas are hardy in cold winters. In fact, hostas only need four to six weeks of temperatures below 40 degrees for the hostas to go dormant and get their winter sleep. There is no winter growth during this time like there is with some other perennials.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Cleaning Birdhouses, Feeders and Baths

Birdhouse Collection of Different Heights

How to Clean Birdhouses, Birdbaths and Bird Feeders

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Revive Hosta Soil



The Shining Hosta in Container

Reviving the Old Soil in Hosta Pots

Your potted hostas will greatly benefit from the container soil being refreshed every year.  It doesn't take long, and your hostas will thank you by displaying beautiful, healthy leaves.

And as you know, when we talk about hostas, It's All About the Leaves!!!

Once you learn the basics of healthy soil, you'll be able to recharge last year's potting soil and save a lot of money by doing so.

Best Care for Hostas in Pots

Grouping of potted hostas at varying levels

Best Care for Your Potted Hostas

To keep your hostas healthy and beautiful as they grow in pots, there are a few Hosta plants are beautiful anywhere, but I think they're even more so when they are planted in pots, especially when the pots are placed at eye level.   In my opinion, there's no better way to show off a hosta's great foliage.

Hostas Growing Slowly

Hosta with lime green foliage and dark green margins.

Why is my Hosta Growing So Slowly?

Ever wondered why your hostas are growing so slowly, or not growing at all, or are actually shrinking from year to year?  

Even though hostas are naturally very hardy plants, which is one of the reasons they remain so popular for perennials gardens, their ability to put on healthy growth each year depends on several things.

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