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Friday, December 4, 2020

Advantages of Growing Hostas in Pots

Blue Mouse Ears hosta in Hypertufa Pot
Blue Mouse Ears Hosta in Hypertufa Pot

Advantages of
Growing Hostas in Pots

Potted hostas are not only a great way to show off those gorgeous hosta leaves, but there are many other advantages to growing hosta plants in pots and containers.   I bet there are a few advantages listed here that you haven't thought of. 

Variegated Hosta in Big Fish Pot

Easy Movement of Hostas in Pots

As a rule, dappled shade is the best siting for hostas, especially morning sun and afternoon shade. That amount of sun will keep most hostas happy and healthy.

However, some hosta varieties will actually thrive with more sun. These "sun tolerant hostas" like First Frost and Golden Tiara, and were bred to take four to six hours of direct sun.

Too much sun, on the other hand, can put stress on hosta plants as well as damage their foliage. Moving pots to a more shady location will give those hostas some much-needed respite from the sun.

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So the ability to move a pot around the garden to find just that right mix of sun and shade for that particular hosta is your best shot at getting the leaf color you desire.

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As a bonus, at the end of the season, as the cold weather approaches, the pots can be easily moved into an unheated shed or greenhouse for winter protection. 

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Pots for Problem Areas

Every garden seems to have one or two problem areas where nothing seems to grow well in the ground, whether that's because of large tree roots or hard clay soil that doesn't drain well.  Potted plants are perfect for those kinds of problem areas.

Decks, Patios, and Balconies

If your outdoor deck, patio or balcony is partly shady, hostas are a great choice for enhancing some decorative appeal there.  Groupings of different heights or placed neatly in a corner are especially appealing.

More Colorful Pots

Pots are a great way to add some 'pow' and extra color to any garden spot.   But too much color in one garden space can be confusing to the eye and may tend to look a bit chaotic.   

That's where those solid colored leaf hostas, with yellow, green or blue foliage, can shine.  Those hosta varieties can beautifully complement a very colorful pot or garden space.

Stiletto Hosta in Thrift Store Find

So no more passing on those unique, colorful pots at the thrift store that you couldn't imagine a colorful plant looking good in.  Solid colored leafed hostas are the answer there.

Hosta Leaf Mold on Amazon

Focal Points

Most hosta lovers have certain hosta varieties that have become their favorites.  Planting those special hostas in pots and staging them at eye level where they can be easily seen can have a dramatic impact.  Hosta varieties that have colorful petioles, like Fire Island and Cherry Tart are best at eye level for up-close viewing.

(Petioles are the slender stalks that attach the leaf to the stem.)

Ease of Dividing

Sooner or later, a hosta will outgrow its pot.  When it's time to divide it and replant a division back in the pot, there is no backbreaking digging into the hard ground.  Just tip the pot over, pull out the plant, divide and replant

Less Slug Damage

If this were the only reason to put your hostas in pots, I think it would be worth it. Slugs can chew holes in hostas to the point of making the leaves look like swiss cheese.

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Hosta Pot Grouping

Every Season Can Look Different

Whereas hosta groupings planted in the ground will give you the same look every season (which surely may not be a bad thing), groupings of hostas in pots can be easily changed in terms of cultivars, color schemes, and/or height differences.

If you haven't tried to display some of your hostas in pots yet, now's the time to start.  Let your creative nature lead the way!


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