Monday, October 5, 2020

Hostas of the Year

First Frost Hosta named Hosta of the Year

Hostas Named Hostas of the Year

Every year since 1996, the American Hosta Growers Association has chosen the winner from an increasing number of hostas.

These hostas are usually the cornerstones of most hosta collector’s gardens making these selections a great choice for beginning collectors as well as avid hosta collectors alike. 

What makes a certain named hosta stand out to the point that it's awarded "Hosta of the Year" by the American Hosta Growers Association?

Here are some characteristics that are taken into consideration:
  • They are widely available in sufficient supply,
  • They retail for about $15 in the year of selection.
  • The hostas grow well in all regions of the country.

Here's a full list of Hostas of the Year since 1996.  We grow and sell a number of these.  Click on the hosta name to see the features of these hostas and our great prices.

1996 So Sweet

1997 Patriot

1998 Fragrant Bouquet

1999 Paul's Glory

2000 Sagae 

2001 June

2002 Guacamole

2003 Regal Splendor


2004 Sum and Substance

2005 Striptease

2006 Stained Glass

2007 Paradigm

2008 Blue Mouse Ears

2009 Earth Angel

2010 First Frost

2011 Praying Hands

2012 Liberty

2013 Rainforest Sunrise

2014 Abiqua Drinking Gourd

2015 Victory

2016 Curly Fries

2017 Brother Stefan

2018 World Cup

2019 Lakeside Paisley Print

Love hostas or know someone who does?

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