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The Versatility of Hostas!

Closeup of powdery blue hosta leaves

The Versatility of Hosta Plants!

Hostas are not only beautiful, but they also come in a large variety of leaf colors, sizes and shapes.

But did you know that hostas are so versatile that there are other advantages to adding hostas in your garden other than their beauty? 

Here's just a few!

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Hostas as Ground Covers

    Hostas can be planted en masse for an attractive ground cover to soften walls, corners, pavers, sidewalks, driveways, shrubs, and tall perennials.  They add beautiful curb appeal to your front yard.

    The best hostas suited for use as ground covers are ones with the following attributes:

    •  Less than 8" in height.
    •  Low-maintenance.
    •  Fast-growing.
    •  Blankets the bare ground with minimal fuss.
    •  Smothers out the weeds beneath.
    •  Keeps a tidy appearance through the season. 

    Here at Sunset Hosta we grow and sell a number of hostas that make great ground covers.  See them by clicking here.

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    Hostas as the Perfect Partner!

    Hostas are the perfect complement plant for other perennials. A hosta's earthy leaf color won't clash with a neighboring perennial's color or bloom which makes hostas the perfect partner perennial plant.

    Hostas for Weed Control

    Once established, hostas are a great weed barrier.  They will smother out weeds as they grow and spread.

    If you plant hostas for their ability to squeeze out the weeds, your best bet is to buy a fast-growing hosta.  

    Here's a list of hostas that are known to grow faster than others.  To see them, click here.

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    Hostas for Soil Erosion Control

    Plants that are best to control soil erosion are low-maintenance plants that grow at moderate to fast speeds, thrive in both shade and full sun (depending on the climate), and establish strong, sprawling root systems that give soil staying power.

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    Hostas sure fit the bill.  If they're planted on a slope, their roots will spread then knit together to help stop soil erosion.

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    Hostas as House Plants

    With the sheer amount of beautiful hosta varieties available, it’s no wonder that so many people want to have them grace their indoor spaces as well as outdoor. 

    Indoor hostas will need more care than those happily planted in the ground outdoors.  

    Further Reading:   Hostas as houseplants.html


    If you're new to hostas, feel free to read our Ultimate Guide to Hostas, a hostas 101 article, with detailed information about everything hostas - The Ultimate Guide to Hosta Care 


    Have a question about hostas or have an idea for a future article?  Feel free to e-mail me at

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