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Writer's Guidelines


Are you a new writer who wants to start getting your work published and seen by a wider viewing audience? You're in the right place!

Thank you for your interest in being a guest blogger at The Learning Place.

“The Learning Place” is hosted by Sunset Hosta Farm and is a gardening and homesteading blog.

Why guest post? Guest blogging still works in 2020.  The bottom line is that guest posting does work. The facts speak for themselves and show that it is still a relevant way to gain high-quality links.

We are currently interested in publishing guest posts in all related areas of gardening and homesteading. We are especially interested in articles about food growing and food preservation; however, any submission of relevant gardening and/or homesteading content is welcome. 

The Learning Place has had over 840,000 views since its inception a little over a year and a half ago. We try to add new material at least two to three times per week. We’ve had times where we’ve posted daily. 

Our latest number of blog views can be found at:  Our Blog Homepage

Our Audience

Our audience is currently mostly female in the age range from 30 to 65. However, with the future addition of more homesteading content, we hope to draw in a more diverse audience.

General Guidelines for Submissions

Format: Google Docs or the like.  If accepted, we will reformat it for our blog.

Length: 500 to 2,500 generally, or as long as it takes to complete the topic.

Tone: Light, friendly, informational, light humor.

We’re looking for content that:

  • Provides our readers with actionable tips, tools, and valuable strategies.

  • Gives readers advice that they can put to work immediately after reading.

  • Shares unique perspectives on topics that are currently over-saturated.


Include links to sources. 

What’s needed with your content submission

A short bio (2-3 sentences). Pic is optional but encouraged.

Links to your website or social media platforms.

The Submission Process

If you want to email us to inquire about our interest in a certain subject you want to write about, that's fine.  We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Or ...

Submit your article to us at Thelearningplace.shf@gmail.com.  Please put “submissions” in the heading and attach the submission. We try to reply within seven days and we may suggest changes be made to your article before it’s accepted.

If we feel the piece is suitable for our blog as submitted, we will let you know that and send an invoice for our $10 fee.   (Due only when you and I are ready for it to be published)  No fee is charged while we work together on your blog post.

Why is there a $10 fee?  We have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in writing great content, as well as developing and promoting our blog.


We actually work hard to help new writers!  The $10 fee goes toward the time we will spend reviewing your submitted work, making suggestions we feel are needed to get the piece ready for publication, publishing it, creating a Pinterest pin to promote it, and scheduling that pin to our Pinterest boards and tribes to further promote it.  

The $10 fee will not be charged until we are both satisfied that your article is ready to be published.  You can withdraw your submission at any time before it is finally accepted without paying a fee.  The fee is due before the article is actually published.

If we accept your guest blog post for publishing on The Learning Place, you agree that we have the right to:

  • add links to other areas of our blog including links to related content.

  • add one or two (depending on the length of the article) Amazon Affiliate links that we believe are relevant.  We do this with all content on our blog.

  • advertise your post as we see fit to draw viewers into our blog.  Pinterest has been our wheelhouse and that's why we start with a Pinterest pin.


So let's help each other! Our blog will get some fresh content for publication to our blog, and with the help of our blog's reach, you will get more eyes on your article and hopefully more clicks through to your website or blog.


Susan Coyle Minshall

Editor;  The Learning Place

Freelance Writer of 30+ Years

The paid publications that my work has appeared in over the years include, but are not limited to, Twins Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Practical Gardener, Double Talk Magazine, Good Old Days Magazine, GreenPrints Magazine, The Journal of Court Reporting, as well as hundreds of articles via internet sites.

Feel free to contact me with your questions or content submissions at:


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