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Trooper aka The Troopster
Greenhouse Manager

Trooper came to us at seven years old with a large appetite and an equally large stomach. We described Trooper as part hound and part walrus, because when he sprawled himself on the deck, from the back he was shaped more like a walrus than a dog.

He came to us through the Animal Adoption Foundation. We fell in love with him as we were doing our yearly Christmas donation visit and we soon after adopted him, much to the disappointment of the workers there who had grown very fond of him and his antics.

He was a comical dog, very expressive with his hound dog bark which he only used when he was very excited or as a warning. Being the very protective soul that he was, he would let off a slow, deep growl if someone got too close to his people, but it rarely rose to the level of necessitating him to roll his belly around to leave the comfort of the couch.

His stomach size was later explained by a massive cyst that had been growing in his liver which later took him over the Rainbow Bridge. It was a pleasure having Trooper and his antics at the farm.  He gave us much love and many laughs.

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