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Rusty aka Grumpy Old Man
Supervising Farm Hand

Rusty is a smaller male hound/lab and the newest member of the farmhands.  He's considered the grumpy old man of the bunch.

We happened to be considering adopting another senior dog when we got an email from GRRAND, the Golden Retriever and Rescue of Needy Dogs Society, about a dog named Red and his long fight for a home. He had been found outdoors and not much was known about him other than they thought he was about ten years old. He had been living with a foster family for several months waiting on placement.

After a trip from Cincinnati to Louisville with our other dogs in tow, we adopted old "Red" and brought him home. His coloring wasn't really red, and being he was a senior dog we thought "Rusty" was a more appropriate name.

Now that Rusty has claimed his permanent spot as a farmhand, and on our couch, we have learned more about him. He likes peace and quiet and frequent naps. (This came as no surprise.)

He knows EXACTLY when breakfast and dinner time is, and he doesn't feel the need to display any patience if we're a bit late.

Rusty has a very loud, sometimes ear-piercing bark that lets us know when there's something not to his liking. This is how he got his nickname of Grumpy Old Man.

Rusty's beautiful aging white furry face graces the cover of our website, and we look forward to enjoying the rest of his senior years with us here at the farm.

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