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Rudy aka Rudy Tudy
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Rudy was a large, beautiful red golden retriever with a heart of gold. He quickly became Katie's sidekick after Alex died. They got along great, as Rudy had a very submissive personality and Katie was more than happy to boss him around.

The first day Rudy was with us, we had a long talk on the couch about his past troubles. Rudy expressed himself with a heart-breaking half bark, half cry and it went on for some time. It didn't take long for Rudy to realize that he was home, and the "talking" stopped after the first week.  After just a few weeks, Rudy calmed down and was comfortable and happy here.  In fact, he ended up being one of the happiest dogs we've ever had.

Before Rudy's health began to decline, we were able to take he and Katie to a North Carolina beach. He was able to put his paws in the sand, which he felt very odd at first, and he jumped in the ocean like a puppy.

Cancer finally took Rudy over the Rainbow Bridge. He was a very loyal, sweet and gentle soul.

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