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Closeup of Oliver's white face

Ollie -- Gardener's Assistant

Ollie, another golden retriever, came to us through sheer fate.  We happened to be at the vet's office with another rescue. Ollie was there getting checked in as part of his intake process. His lifetime owner had given him up after ten years. Hard to believe, but their loss was our gain. We fell in love immediately.

Ollie exemplified all that's great in a dog, especially a senior dog. He had a gentle spirit with the other dogs, people and smaller animals. There was a certain chipmunk family that took up residence near some bushes right outside one of our windows, and Ollie would sit at the window for hours watching them scurry by. He had his own little television set and we enjoyed watching his head go back and forth as he followed them in their daily routine.

Ollie was happiest outdoors. He loved to lay in the yard on his stomach, his belly up getting some sun.

A dear friend of mine gave Ollie his middle name "Beauregard" because she said he was such a southern gentleman. We couldn't have said it any better.

A week shy of Ollie's 15th birthday, his body gave out. We have missed him greatly ever since, and he will be in our hearts forever.

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