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Katie aka Katie Lou
Border Patrol

Katie aka Katie Lou was a 24-pound strawberry blonde rescue, half sheltie, half Corgi and 100% stinker.

Katie was a mere pup at the time she arrived, but what Katie lacked in size, she more than made up for in attitude. She never had pups, but she quickly became a great mother to the many rescues who came after her during her 16 years. She showed them the ropes and would yipe at the dogs if they got too rough with each other. They would soon learn not to test her patience.

Katie would greet us at the door at the end of a long work day yapping about all the things the other dogs had done that day to annoy her, and then she would briskly turn and walk away having given us a full report. We just pretended we understood her daily rantings and sympathized with her plight.

Every night Katie Lou would walk the fence perimeter looking for...whatever.  When she was satisfied that all was in order, she would then come into the house.

Her loyalty and willingness to adapt as the years went by was nothing short of amazing. She died peacefully at the age of 16. Katie had a spring in her step and a belly full of attitude until the very end.  She is missed everyday.



Here at Sunset Hosta Farm, we always have a number of rescue dogs at the farm. Katie Lou, our corgie/sheltie mix, ruled the roost for the 16 years we had her. She lead the dogs well and made sure every one of them, including the new arrivals, got with the program. None of the other rescue dogs were brave enough to cross her.

Every day there was work to do on the farm.  At the end of the work day, we all came in the house and the dogs would line up to get a treat. Katie Lou lead the brigade daily, and it got to the point where it became such a routine that the dogs would actually line up in single file, waiting for their treat.

On a day where we had quite a few dogs at the farm, Katie, waiting proudly at the front of the line, gently took her treat and sauntered away as usual. After the line of dogs proceeded through, there, at the very end of the line, was Katie Lou. I guess she didn't think I'd notice one extra dog. Of course she got a second treat just for being so smart and playing the odds so well.

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