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Charlie aka Wild Man
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Charlie is a white and brown Brittany Spaniel who knew what it took to land the perfect forever family!

When we met Charlie at the Save the Animals Foundation, he came into the room, sat down prim and properly, and seemed to be very quiet and gentle. So, of course, we fell in love with Charlie, adopted him and took him home.

For the first few weeks, Charlie was the perfect gentleman just like he was at the rescue. Little did we know he was just observing his new home until he could let his guard down and let his real personality out.

Then came the bait and switch. Charlie has turned out to be quite the wild man. Quiet? No. Gentle? In spirit, but more like a bull in a china shop. His high energy makes him clumsy and he's been known to accidentally run right over the other dogs that get in his way. The other dogs have quickly learned to hop to the side when they hear his speedy paws racing their way.

Charlie can run like the wind, turn on a dime and is generally known for being obnoxious to the older dogs because of his constant playfulness and high energy. He's a great ball player and can even throw the ball to himself.

Charlie has two speeds; sound asleep and wild man mode. He has claimed the upstairs bedroom as his own, and seems rather put off whenever the grand kids stay there.

We look forward to many more years with this maniac.

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