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Monday, February 17, 2020

Hostas - Perfect Plants for Hypertufa Planters!

If you are new to working with hypertufa to make great garden art, planters and the like, you may want to read our Hypertufa 101 articles first.  To do that, click here.

Hypertufa planters are great for plants. They do not heat up in the sun and they are porous which will allow the plant's roots to breathe.

The best plants to plant in hypertufa planter have the following characteristics.

  • They are shallow rooted.
  • They are slow-growing perennials so you don't have to replant the planter every year.
  • They are low growing so they will gracefully drape over the edges.
  • They are very tough plants that are easy to care for.

It's not a surprise then that the above characteristics describe hostas perfectly!

Mini and small hostas will grow nicely in regular size planters.

Here are our best pics for small hostas for hypertufa planters:

Rain Forest Sunrise

Golden Tiara

Grand Tiara

Hush Puppie

Tick Tock

Amber Tiara

Blue Cadet

Platinum Tiara


Emerald Tiara

And let's not forget the adorable mini hostas, especially those cute mouse ear hostas:

Other plants that will happily grow in Hypertufa planters include alpines, succulents, sedum, tiny evergreens, any plant that's at home in a rock or alpine garden.


If you're interested in adding hostas to your Hypertufa planters or your garden in general, we'd love for you to visit us at SunsetHostaFarm.com. 

We also invite you to email us with any questions or comments or pictures of your projects. I'd love to see them!


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