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Why Buy Hostas From Us?


I’m Susan Minshall, the owner and operator of SunsetHostaFarm.com. If you’re curious why you should buy hostas from us, here are the top ten reasons.

Our Prices
We’re a small urban family-owned hosta farm. And because we are smaller than the big commercial sellers with large overhead costs, we can offer our hostas at a much lower price for the same quality hosta plant. We encourage you to compare our prices with the big guys. Our hosta farm is a full-time on-season business and a labor of love.

We Only Sell Hostas
We love hostas so much that hostas are the only product we sell. We don’t sell other perennials, annuals, seeds, garden accessories, just hostas. We grow and sell over fifty varieties of hostas, the ones that we feel are tried, true and just plain beautiful.

Our Three Pack Discounts
We offer many of our hostas in three packs at a discounted price. Why? Because we know that hostas look better when planted in threes!

We Sell Different Sizes
We offer different sizes of some of our hostas. We realize that everyone has a different budget they’re dealing with. You can save some money by buying smaller sizes and growing the hostas out for an extra season.

We know a lot about what we grow.
Because we specialize in one thing, we know a lot about hostas. In fact, we regularly write hosta and general gardening articles for our blog. Visit us at blog.SunsetHostafarm.com and peruse the many informational articles. If there's a subject you'd like to see us cover in a future article, let us know!

Attention to our customers.
You will have one person here at Sunset Hosta Farm to deal with, and that's me. Not several different people. I will personally answer emails as promptly as possible about orders, or anything related to hostas or dogs! I love both and I’m always happy to talk about either subject. Just email me at sunsethostafarm@gmail.

We love our repeat customers. We know that if you’re happy with our hostas, you’ll keep us in mind for further purchases so we’ll do whatever we can to win your business then keep you happy.

Our senior rescue dog connection.
Because of our other passion of rescuing and homing senior dogs here at the farm, you may also notice that from time to time we run specials on our hostas where a portion of our hosta sales will go to a dog-related cause. To keep up on all of our current discounts as well as our dog-related sales, be sure to add your email to our email list.

Fast Delivery
We strive to get your hosta order shipped within two days of receiving it. Sometimes we can get it out the very same day. We schedule our shipments to avoid your order sitting in the post office on Sunday.

Save on Shipping
No matter what size your order is, shipping is only $8.

Our hostas are safely shipped bareroot in flat rate boxes with the roots secured wrapped in wet paper towels and the hosta wrapped in a plastic sleeve. Planting and growing instructions are always included.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee that the hostas you order will come to you true to name, the size you ordered or larger, securely wrapped and shipped with healthy root systems.


Check out all hosta varieties at SunsetHostaFarm.com. We’d love to see you!

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